SH 64 Programmatic Categorical Exclusion, Smith County, TX

Environmental & Solid Waste | Environmental Assessments

Role: Prime

AZ&B prepared a Programmatic Categorical Exclusion (PCE) for proposed improvements to approximately one mile of State Highway (SH) 64. The PCE evaluated the social, economic, and environmental impacts resulting from the proposed improvements. The proposed improvements provided safety and operational improvements by eliminating a bottleneck. Due to the semi-rural nature of the project area, some tracts of land along the right of way were densely wooded and over time forests had extended into the right of way itself. AZ&B’s biologist evaluated the impacts to the woody vegetation as well as making determinations for impacts to wildlife habitat of threatened and endangered species. Since the project was adding an additional through lane in each direction, it required a letter from the Federal Highway Administration to be evaluated as a PCE. The project met the criteria for a PCE as defined in the Programmatic Agreement for the Review and Approval of NEPA Categorically Excluded Transportation Projects.

Construction Estimate

$105 million


    • Programmatic Categorical Exclusion