City of Houston Integrated Resource Recovery Plan, TX

Environmental & Solid Waste | Planning

Role: Joint Venture

AZ&B was the project lead for the development of a long-term solid waste management plan for the City of Houston. The plan provided a clear understanding of the key solid waste issues facing the City over the next 20 years. The focus of the plan is to reduce the amount of waste generated by the city’s population of 2.3 million people. The AZ&B Team provided recommendations to the City on how to advance recycling with a focus on the commercial and multi-family sectors; establishing a sound financial system for program funding; improving the quality of services provided to City residents; assuring long-term disposal and reducing the amount of illegal dumping taking place in the City. Ultimately, the Plan recommended the establishment of a solid waste management fee; a program to advance mandatory recycling programs for businesses and apartments; implementation of a procurement program that replaced several of the Department’s aging collection fleet; building a fourth transfer station, and ultimately securing a new landfill to be owned by the City of Houston.


    • Solid Waste Management Planning