Laredo Landfill Waste Planning and Permitting, TX

Environmental & Solid Waste | Landfill

Role: Prime

AZ&B evaluated the City’s current solid waste needs and options to assure long-term disposal capacity. Based on this assessment, AZ&B recommended a major landfill expansion. The goal of the expansion project was to increase capacity by expanding the fill area into an area previously limited by a natural gas pipeline. The permit amendment process required an assessment of current projected waste streams, impacts to area land use, traffic assessments, and environmental site considerations including floodplains, wetlands, and other site specific and regional factors. The expansion also required a reconfiguration of site drainage, leachate management systems, and landfill gas management facilities. The expansion was complicated due to portions of the site that were permitted as construction/demolition areas. Also complicating the project was that portions of the landfill site were included in a 2008 FEMA floodplain map. As part of the permitting effort, AZ&B conducted an evaluation of the region’s hydrology to determine the specific boundaries of the floodplain. As a result of this investigation, AZ&B was able to prepare a letter of map revision which correctly located the floodplain outside the boundaries of the site.


    • Landfill Waste Planning
    • Landfill Permitting
    • TCEQ Coordination
    • Stakeholder Coordination