Corpus Christi Solid Waste Station and Landfill Permitting, TX

Environmental & Solid Waste | Landfill

Role: Prime

AZ&B provided broad oversight in the permitting of the City’s landfill and transfer station projects. At the time of the project, the City was moving from a single landfill to a transfer station and a new landfill. In order to meet extremely tight transition schedules, the City requested that AZ&B staff assist in securing necessary permits through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. AZ&B reviewed and provided comments on permit applications, coordinated communications with TCEQ staff, and presented the City’s case for permit modifications, registrations, and amendments. AZ&B provided oversight in the preparation of final planning documents and coordinated with land use planners, engineers, geologists, and City operating staff.


    • Landfill Permitting