Denton Drive Roadway Improvements, Dallas, TX

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Role: Prime

AZ&B helped Dallas County create a more vibrant roadway option for a stretch of Denton Drive that parallels DART’s Green Line. The project is the first phase in creating greater transit-oriented design options for this part of Dallas. AZ&B has taken this 5-mile roadway project from initial concept to design. The design includes all plans and profiles, replacement of two bridges, ADA compliance, bike lane, drainage, stormwater management, and traffic control. The project will improve the roadway from an asphalt road (with side ditches) to a 3-lane concrete curbed street with an added parking lane, wide sidewalks, and bicycle track.

Construction Estimate

$34 million


    • Traffic Management/Studies
    • Roadway Design/Bike Lanes
    • ADA Compliance
    • Water Utility Coordination & Design
    • Environmental
    • Survey