Calton Road Overpass, Laredo, TX

Transportation | Roadways

Role: Prime

AZ&B worked with the City of Laredo Metropolitan Planning Organization, stakeholders, and TxDOT to successfully develop a schematic to improve traffic and minimize flooding in downtown Laredo. AZ&B’s design improved the traffic flow by making commuting more efficient. We saved the City $1 million by connecting to an available TxDOT storm sewer, consequently eliminating the 10-year storm event.

Construction Estimate

$77.7 million


    • Public Meetings
    • Public Hearing
    • Schematic
    • Environmental Clearance
    • ROW Acquisition
    • Traffic Engineering
    • Route Study
    • Signals
    • Stakeholder Coordination
    • Major Utility Relocations
    • Estimates
    • Determination of ROW Acquisition
    • Coordination with Landowners
    • UPRR Coordination
    • Construction Documents
I can personally vouch for the successful completion of the contracts. Furthermore, the scope of work has been performed in a timely manner and within budget.
Gabriel Martinez, PE | City of Laredo, Assistant City Engineer (retired)