DART Staff Augmentation, Dallas, TX

Program Management

Role: Prime

For the past seven years, AZ&B has been performing program management and staff augmentation services for DART. We immediately address any staff issues, provide all equipment and tools needed by our staff to be successful, and we deliver high-quality results to DART management in an expedited manner.


    • Program Management
    • Employee Secondment
    • Contract Reviews
    • Configuration Management
    • Document Control
    • Systems Integration
    • Systems Certifications
    • IT Management Support
    • Stakeholder Coordination
    • On-Time Vendor Payments
    • CMAR Engagement
    • Value Engineering
    • Scheduling and Estimating
    • Cost Accounting
    • QA/QC
AZ&B has developed a variety of projects for DART over the past 30 years. Roy Brunz, PE, RPLS, Alfonso P. Garza, PE, RPLS, CPM, and Victor Zepeda, PE, and others at AZ&B have consistently exceeded our expectations. AZ&B's agility, responsiveness, high-quality work, and dedication to DART are what make them unique.
Cathy Hamilton | DART | Procurement Director (retired)