Dallas County General Engineering Contract, TX

Program Management

Role: Prime

AZ&B provided surveying and engineering services to Dallas County from 2008 to 2018 under the County’s IDIQ Program. AZ&B has provided program management services to complete a wide range of projects for the County. In total, either as the project manager or the project engineer, we have managed roadway projects, structural projects, trails, environmental studies, and utility designs. AZ&B’s role as Program Manager required that the project manager works with County staff to identify specific needs and to identify the right team members to take responsibility for the implementation of the projects. We negotiated scopes of services, budgets, and schedules with the County to complete these projects. Some of the key projects included the following:


  • Harry Hines Pedestrian Bridge
  • Denton Drive Planning, Survey, ROW, and Design
  • Panoramic Circle Land Title Surveying
  • Cottonwood Trail
  • Cottonwood Creek Hydraulic Study
  • Belt Line Road Roundabout
  • Pioneer Road Value Engineering

Construction Estimate

$25 million


    • Program Management
    • Construction Documents
    • Schematics
    • Estimates
    • Scheduling
    • Project Planning
    • Public Outreach
    • Traffic Studies
    • Geotechnical
    • Roadway Design
    • Bike Lanes
    • Water Utility Coordination & Design
    • Utility Coordination
    • Traffic Management
    • ADA Compliance
    • Civil Design
    • Environmental
    • Survey
    • ROW Services