DART 15th Street Signal House Relocation, Plano, TX

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Role: Prime

AZ&B provided civil improvements, structural modifications, system, and signal cabling modifications for the relocation of an existing 12’ x 10’ DART LRT signal control facility, to accommodate the development of a high-rise condominium in the older Downtown Plano area. Due to the high visibility of the project, it required extensive coordination with DART Systems and Signals personnel along with City of Plano staff due to concerns regarding crane operation within close proximity of the high-rise building, potential loss of train operation revenue, and street closures. The sequence of the construction was broken into three phases. The first phase included preparation of the new facility location for acceptance of the existing structure. The second phase was completed during the 3-day Labor Day Weekend so DART’s revenue service would not be severely impacted. The second phase included relocating the structure to its newly prepared location and performing cable modification work to bring it back into service. The last phase included the relocation of ADA parking spaces.

Construction Estimate

$1 million


    • Civil Design
    • Construction Coordination