Dallas Climate Action Plan, TX

Energy | Renewables

Role: Prime

AZ&B was responsible for developing solid waste and energy program and policy recommendations for the City’s Climate Action (CECAP). The City’s plan examines ways to reduce greenhouse gases by the year 2050 through programs and policies related to energy, buildings, mobility, water, food and solid waste. AZ&B has evaluated the City’s Solid Waste Management Program, coordinated with staff, and developed specific recommendations for reducing greenhouse gases. Specific recommendations presented in the CECAP included the increased use of solar energy for City-owned buildings and use of batteries for improving system reliability. Increasing funding for weatherization and other energy conservation measures. The recommendations also included the implementation of a compost program for yard waste and biosolids and efforts to increase recycling. For each of these recommendations, AZ&B has evaluated their impact on greenhouse gases, overall environmental impact, cost implications, social implications and equity issues.


    • Solid Waste & Energy Management Policy and Program Recommendations