Northside Sewer Relief Tunnel Assessment, Houston, TX

Water Resources | Wastewater

Role: Prime

AZ&B staff provided an evaluation of 12.9 miles of larger diameter sewer/tunnels. Tunnel diameters ranged from 72” to 144” with depths to the pipe crown ranging from 4’ to 72’ below the ground surface. Tasks included incorporating historic reports and inspection data into the assessment; collecting, reviewing, and assessing new inspection data based on unmanned robotic inspection; utilizing the RedZone Robotics Responder Platform to collect CCTV; sediment accumulation via sonar; pipe ovality via laser scans, and atmospheric h2S concentrations and temperature. Tasks also included the development and calculation of site-specific corrosion rates for the tunnel based on inspection and H2S readings for individual tunnel segments and the establishment of rehabilitation priorities for the Northside Sewer Relief Tunnel.

Construction Estimate

$25 million


    • Sewer Relief Tunnel Assessment