Mill Creek Drainage Relief Tunnel, Dallas, TX

Construction Management

Role: Subconsultant

AZ&B is providing Construction Management and Observation services for the design and construction of the Mill Creek Drainage Relief Tunnel; a 30’ round tunnel approximately 5 miles long and roughly 70-150’ underground. It will be bored underground through Austin Chalk starting at White Rock Creek outfall and going west to the upstream end near the US 75 and Woodall Rodgers intersection. The first 9,200’ will be excavated out into a 35’ horseshoe tunnel section, and the storm drainage tunnel will be lined with 15” of non-reinforced concrete. The tunnel will act like an inverted siphon with the outfall being approximately 60’ lower than the upstream end. The White Rock Creek outfall will consist of a 46’ diameter shaft approximately 110’ deep. There are five drainage intake points to the tunnel near these locations.

Construction Estimate

$207 million


    • Construction Management