DFW Airport Runways 36R/18L, and 35L/17R, TX

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Role: Prime

AZ&B staff provided design services for the replacement of runway and taxiway concrete panels at DFW Airport. The project required ongoing coordination with DFW staff, access to the AOA for site visits and verifications, and meeting an accelerated schedule due to FAA funding. AZ&B prepared plans containing panel replacement locations and details displaying how to tie the new concrete panel to the adjacent concrete panels. In locations where a runway or taxiway light was located in the panel, details were shown regarding how to replace the fixture with a new one. Also included in the plans were runway shoulder rehabilitation, traffic control, and environmental details needed to prevent runoff pollution. The plans were completed and approved on schedule, and the airport received FAA funding.

Construction Estimate

$6.5 million


    • Paving/Grading
    • Traffic Control
    • Stormwater Management
    • FAA Coordination