DART Southeast Corridor Light Rail System, TX

Construction Management

Role: Prime

A key element of DART’s light rail expansion program was the $30 million construction of the second light rail line section of the Southeast Corridor, otherwise known as Southeast-2 (SE-2). The SE-2 Line Section project is a 6-mile rail line with three transit stations, going through a highly-populated area of the City of Dallas as well as several miles of parklands. The project includes three “at-grade” transit stations, six LRT and freight bridges, three crossings over “waters of the United States,” seven at-grade street crossings, and several types and lengths of retaining walls. AZ&B was responsible for overall program management concerning the design and coordination of all project aspects. The overall design included drainage, structural (bridges and retaining walls), infrastructure, hydrology/hydraulics, and constructability coordination. Preparation of plans and specifications and construction cost estimates. During construction, AZ&B provided design support, cost control, quality control and schedule control of the line section design. Special consideration was given to the environmentally sensitive areas of parklands affected including compliance with all applicable regulatory guidelines. Mitigation measures were adhered to as identified in the Southeast Corridor Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), including the preservation of trees and animals, the protection of floodplains and streams, and the consideration of park users.

Construction Estimate

$30 million


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