City of Fort Worth Solid Waste Plan, TX

Environmental & Solid Waste | Planning

Role: Prime

AZ&B assisted in the development of the City of Fort Worth’s long-term solid waste management plan. Our efforts were focused on evaluating the status of solid waste and material recovery facilities serving Fort Worth. An assessment of needs was prepared, and AZ&B conducted an organizational assessment of Fort Worth’s solid waste program. AZ&B also performed an organizational assessment of the City’s solid waste program. Work included benchmarking the City’s program compared to other cities and conducting an evaluation of the City’s internal operations to identify opportunities for greater efficiency. AZ&B’s evaluation of other comparable Texas City programs involved an evaluation of budgets as well as personal interviews with managers. The analysis went beyond the numbers to highlight special programs or strategies implemented by each of the cities. Interviews were held with City staff to identify key operational issues affecting the operations of the Solid Waste Management Department. AZ&B focused on collections, data management, accounting, public education, recycling, and planning.


    • Regional Assessment