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2018 Year 2 CIP Contracts 10 & 11, Fort Worth, TX

Water Resources | Water

Role: Prime

AZ&B prepared PS&E for the replacement of water and wastewater lines in residential neighborhoods in southeast Fort Worth. Two bid packages were prepared, one for Contract 10 and the other for Contract 11. The projects included pulverization of existing pavement and placing a new asphalt overlay. Contract 10 included 4,520 LF of 8-inch water, 130 LF of 6-inch water, 89 water services, 3, 290 LF of 8-inch wastewater, 82 wastewater services, and 14,190 SY of asphalt overlay. Contract 11 included 660 LF of 24-inch water, 1,830 LF of 8-inch water, 62 LF of 6-inch water, 28 water services, 490 LF of 8-inch wastewater, 18 wastewater services, and 11,400 SY of asphalt overlay.

Construction Estimate

$6.1 million


    • PS&E
    • Water & Wastewater Design
    • Roadway Design
    • Drainage Improvements
    • Utility Coordination
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Stakeholder Coordination
    • Estimating
    • Scheduling
    • Construction Phase Services