US 69/SH 73 Interchange, Port Arthur, TX

Water Resources | Drainage

Role: Subconsultant

AZ&B is providing schematic design and is developing construction documents for this $20 million diamond cloverleaf interchange reconstruction project. The current cloverleaf interchange is over 50 years old and is subject to heavy traffic during peak periods. The area is experiencing rapid growth in residential and commercial development due to ongoing oil/gas refinery expansion. Additionally, it is functionally obsolete and lacks proper clearance and curve radii to accommodate larger trucks servicing the nearby oil/gas industry. The interchange is almost completely located within a FEMA Zone ‘AE’ floodplain and is subject to inundation during tropical storms and hurricanes. The Jefferson County Flood Control District #7 operates and maintains a series of levees, canals, and pump stations around the interchange, but most of the 100-year flood is not contained in the canals and sheet flows across the area. To address the numerous drainage issues, AZ&B is utilizing SRH-2D and SMS modeling, developing a topographic mesh incorporating the roadway, levees, and canals, including pump station operations to achieve an accurate simulation of floodwater spread and depth.

Construction Estimate

$20 million


    • Trail Design
    • Civil Design
    • Traffic Control Plans
    • Hydrology & Hydraulics
    • Environmental Clearance
    • Stakeholder Coordination
    • Surveying