DFW Airport QA Survey, TX

Construction Management

Role: Prime

AZ&B is providing on-call Quality Assurance (QA) survey support during the construction of nine Delivery Orders under this contract. Services have included the following:

  • Preparation of Original Ground Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Boundary Survey
  • Obstruction Surveys
  • As-Built Survey Verifications
  • Establishment or Verification of Geodetic Monuments
  • Quantities of in Place Work
  • Finished Grade for Subgrade
  • Base Course
  • Finished Pavement Surfaces
  • Elevations of Structures
  • Foundations
  • Slabs on Grade
  • Inverts and Tops of Utility Pipes
  • Duct Bank

AZ&B also participates in pre-construction conferences and construction coordination meetings. One of the Delivery Orders was unique because it included the establishment of vertical and horizontal control, and on-site presence during 3D modeling for the Morpheus Digital Twin Model Development Terminal D Model project.


    • On-Call Quality Assurance Survey Support