Chalk Hill Trail, Dallas, TX

Transportation | Trails

Role: Prime

AZ&B provided design and construction services for 3.5 miles of a 12-foot-wide concrete hike and bike trail along an abandoned railroad right-of-way. The trail’s corridor includes narrow fill and cut sections with remote sections, and dilapidated bridge and drainage structures. The proposed trail will include three pedestrian bridges, multiple drainage structures, and signalized pedestrian crossings, along with AZ&B generated trail alignment alternatives. These alignment alternatives included designing a pathway for pedestrians adjacent to a vehicular corridor and designing a proposed gas station while maintaining user safety. AZ&B was responsible for cross-sections, traffic control, Hawk signal with APS units for pedestrian crossing, retaining wall, signing and marking, erosion control plans, detailed tree survey, tree removals, and tree mitigation. AZ&B also provided survey, trail alignments, environmental clearance, signals, ADA compliance, utilities, and preparation of construction documents.

Construction Estimate

$10 million


    • Civil Design
    • Surveying
    • Hydrology & Hydraulics
    • Structural Design
    • Construction Phase
    • Pedestrian Bridges
    • ADA Compliance
    • Signalized Crossings