ONCOR Toyota Austin Ranch Substation, The Colony & Plano, TX

Energy | Electric

Role: Prime

The project entailed design and plan preparation for approximately 4,500 linear feet of 8E6 duct bank from ONCOR’s Austin Ranch Substation to an existing duct bank on Headquarters Drive in order to provide electrical service to the Toyota Headquarters development. The duct bank alignment was designed to take into consideration the environmentally sensitive nature of the area associated with the project, as well as existing street right-of-way.

Construction Estimate

$7.2 million


    • Duct Back Design
    • Survey
    • ROW Documentation
    • H&H
    • Municipal Coordination
    • Roadway Design
    • FEMA Permitting
    • SUE
    • Civil Design
    • Ditch Design
    • TCP
    • City Permitting
    • Stakeholder Coordination
    • Permitting
    • Environmental Compliance
    • SW3P
    • Estimating
    • Scheduling
    • Utility Conflict Resolution